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Friday, February 15

How to spell bertangguh-tangguh in english?

Assalamualaikum w.t.h..

Kind lack of spirit to finish all my homework today.. i know.. because of procrastination.. did u know what is procrastination?

itulah yang telah aku lakukan.. instead of kena mandi, makan while watching family outing and do homework after that and here i am.. typing about procrastination.

this isnt my chart but this is how i am gonna be in the next two weeks.. im gonna die rite? figuratively. 

how will you know that your situation is just like me.. take a look at this

if you have all six criteria so you will be dead like me.. again figuratively
so, u know your disease and how to beat it? 

If you still procrastinate.. im afraid you will be just like this..

so, what are you waiting for?

p/s: when i want to post something procrastinate isnt my topic.. but this post just make me want to realize that how procrastinate i am.. Nadia Procrastinate Aisyah.. there it is.. it is my middle name.. blarghhhh.. kbai