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Friday, February 15

How to spell bertangguh-tangguh in english?

Assalamualaikum w.t.h..

Kind lack of spirit to finish all my homework today.. i know.. because of procrastination.. did u know what is procrastination?

itulah yang telah aku lakukan.. instead of kena mandi, makan while watching family outing and do homework after that and here i am.. typing about procrastination.

this isnt my chart but this is how i am gonna be in the next two weeks.. im gonna die rite? figuratively. 

how will you know that your situation is just like me.. take a look at this

if you have all six criteria so you will be dead like me.. again figuratively
so, u know your disease and how to beat it? 

If you still procrastinate.. im afraid you will be just like this..

so, what are you waiting for?

p/s: when i want to post something procrastinate isnt my topic.. but this post just make me want to realize that how procrastinate i am.. Nadia Procrastinate Aisyah.. there it is.. it is my middle name.. blarghhhh.. kbai


Wednesday, February 13

Breast Implant

Assalamualaikum w.t.h.. :)

D.F : Did you know about breast implant?

N.A : Bukan nak besarkan breast k?

D.F : Yeah, kind of.. U taw x, once u lakukan breast implant ni u x ley breast feeding ur children?

N.A : woahhh, new info..

ok, sort of our msg between me n my bff.. Dayah is a girl that when she found something that amused her she will inform n share with me.. seriously most of my general knowledge are from her.. huhuhuhu

breast implant.. yeah, salah satu masalah perempuan insecurity itu tinggi.. apa yang kita ada masih belum puas dan cukup.. sebab itu adanya high heel untuk 'tinggikan' kita, ada eyeliner untuk 'besar'kan mata kita and the list go on.

dalam sudut breast implant, it is not only for us but it effects our children. Kesian kat anak kita.. elok-elok ada susu yang diformulasi dengan cukup segala vitamin dan antibodi tiba-tiba semua tu tidak boleh dinikmati.. poor them

jadi, kita sebagai perempuan tidak seharusnya berfikiran pendek.. jangan buat keputusan terburu-buru.. seperti yang kita percaya setiap keputusan yang kita lakukan ada baik buruknya. jadi, think first before you act

sbb itulah kita kena sekolahkan kanak-kanak perempuan. di mana harap mampu membantu our future generation in order to help them to make a right decision in future

p/s: this is my point of view.. n for me, hidayah elaborate it with so much input. so please do visit her blog at http://antiquemuse.blogspot.com/